10.04.2017 Why Jennifer Aniston Drinks Collagen Smoothies


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Collagen is one of the most effective age-fighting ingredients. It is also a natural protein the body creates. Unfortunately, as a person gets older and older they don’t produce it as frequently as they used to. That’s why actress Jennifer Aniston has started drinking liquid collagen. It has been scientifically proven to work, and it only take a month of drinking it everyday to see improvement in the skin. Like many others, Aniston drinks it in the form of a smoothie. Most people recommend that form, because it definitely tastes better. Media: WochIt Media



20.03.2017 Collagen: It's Not Just for Women! l Whole Foods Magazine

Premium Collagen Peptides, nominee for food supplement of the year 2017 by the WHOLE FOODS MAGAZINE.



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